We work hard to form a close bond with all of our animals. This entails frequent contact with each animal, gentle handling, and minimizing stress in their environment.


Apple Finished


Pastured Pork

Pigs are our passion at Fallen Aspen Farm. All of our pigs are given a daily ration of non-GMO feed and are moved frequently to new pastures. We keep their grain intake at a minimum because we strongly believe that the best tasting and healthiest pork comes from a more natural diet including vegetation, roots, forage, etc... They are also supplemented with pumpkins and nuts when in season.

We let our pigs BE pigs. They are raised outside all year round where they have the ability to root, range and form relationships with other pigs. We provide shelters and dry bedding.

Our piglets are farrowed and finished on pasture. We leave the weaning time up to our sows. Our piglets are never separated from their mothers before 8 weeks old.

We have taken heritage breeds, mixed our own and are still working towards our perfect hybrid for our farm. Our breeds include Idaho Pastured Pigs, Mulefoot, Large Black Hogs, Duroc, Mangalitsa, Hereford, Red Wattle, Kune Kune, Gloucestershire Old Spot and Ossabaw Island Hogs.


Pastured Poultry

Our chickens are fed a non-GMO diet and moved on pasture daily. They get free choice of grain, along with all the greens and bugs that they can catch. Their diet produces a superior flavor and juicy meat.


Grass-Fed Lamb

We raise Icelandic sheep which are triple purpose sheep (meat, wool and dairy). The reason that we chose this breed is because of its hardiness and the mild flavor of the meat due to the low amount of lanolin. We were also really intrigued by the variation of color and quality of its wool.


Grass-Fed Beef

We raise Belted Galloway cattle as our foundation breeding stock. The breed originates from Scotland. They are known for the ability to turn poor forage into marbled beef. These cows are very hardy and friendly.