Fallen Aspen Farm's Products

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Apple Finished GMO-Free Pastured Pork

  • Whole Hog ($4.75/lb at hanging weight) taking pre-orders now ($300 deposit)

  • Half Hog ($5.00/lb at hanging weight) taking pre-orders now ($200 deposit)

  • Bacon ($9.50/lb) Thick Sliced

  • Jowl Bacon ($10.00/lb) Thick Sliced

  • Bone-In Chops ($7.50/lb) 1 1/4" thick

  • Ground Pork ($7.00/lb) Unseasoned

  • Spare Ribs ($7.50/lb)

  • Country Ribs ($7.50/lb)

  • Shoulder/Butt Roast ($7.50/lb) 2-5 lbs each

  • Rope Sausage ($8.50/lb) Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Salt & Pepper MSG FREE

  • Hams ($8.00/lb) Pre-order only

  • Ham Steaks ($8.50/lb)

  • Ham Hocks ($5.00/lb)

  • Shanks ($5.00/lb)

  • Neck Bones (3.00/lb)

  • Rendered Lard ($5.00/pt)

Pastured Poultry

  • Chicken ($5.50/lb; birds are 4 lbs to 7 lbs each) - (SOLD OUT TILL SPRING 2019)

Grass-Fed Lamb 

  • Bone-in Leg of Lamb ($12.50/lb)

  • Boneless Shoulder Roast ($9.00/lb)

  • Bone-in Shoulder Roast ($8.50/lb)

  • Bone-in Loin Chops ($16.00/lb)

  • Rack of Lamb ($15.00/lb)

  • Rib Chops ($15.00/lb)

  • Sirloin Chops ($13.00/lb)

  • Ground Lamb ($10.00/lb)

  • Please inquire for availability as supplies are limited

Grass-Fed Beef

  • Available Spring 2020


If you are interested in purchasing Fallen Aspen Farm's products, please contact:

Jake Kristophel |  Fallen Aspen Farm  |  Farmer/Owner  |  (724) 513-1291  |  info@fallenaspenfarm.com  

Desiree Sirois  I  Fallen Aspen Farm  I  Farmer/Owner  I  (412) 716-4140  I  info@fallenaspenfarm.com


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